Conversion Rustico, Astano, 2021-2022
Leka rammed earth floor, execution
Place: 6999 Astano
Built: 2021-2022
Material: rammed earth floor
Partner: Flavia Kämpf Spahr, Studio Architettura Jaccard Jean-Patrick
Photos: Flavia Kämpf Spahr, Lehmag AG

For the conversion of a rustico in Ticino, a homogeneous rammed earth floor was sampled together with the architects and the building owners and then installed on site by LEHMAG AG.

In the production hall in Brunnen, the clay mixture was produced in the desired color using local materials and then transported to Ticino. After a short mixing process on site, the material was installed, then dried and finally treated or sealed. Since the building shaft wanted the surface to be as smooth as possible without any visible stones, the finish was applied in the form of a clay filler.