Archive Church on the Egg, Zurich, 2021-2022
Leka Lehmox, execution
Place: 8038 Zurich
Built: 2021-2022
Material: Cast clay floor
Partners: Studio De Pedrini, Oxara, Kibeco AG, Kibag AG
Photos: Gianluca De Pedrini, Lukas Murer, Lehmag AG

With great motivation on the part of Studio De Pedrini, the Reformed Church of Zurich as the construction company, and the companies Oxara, Kibeco and Lehmag AG, it was possible to save around 15 tons of CO2 emissions during the redesign of the archive rooms.

Instead of pouring conventional concrete over an existing natural floor to make it more resistant, a new type of clay mixture and its installation could be worked out. This was mixed with the product Oxacrete and delivered to the construction site in a concrete mixer. There, the material could be pumped 70m into the existing basement and processed. This was a first in the construction industry. After the soil had dried, it was processed further and, after sealing, forms the basis for the church's new storage rooms.