Clay cube, Engadine, 2022
Rammed clay, planning & engineering and execution
Place: Engadine, Switzerland
Built: 2022
Material: rammed earth wall (lean stabilized)
Partners: Ruch & Partner Architects, Tannobau AG, Seforb s.a.r.l.
Ruch & Partner Architects, Lehmag AG

In the interior of this former stable in the Upper Engadine, a sophisticated, space-defining clay cube was realized during the conversion. Together with the team of Ruch & Partner Architekten, SEFORB s.a.r.l and local companies, appropriate solutions and details were developed for the multifaceted challenges.

The building material for the clay cube comes from local excavation, from the Montebello gravel pit in Pontresina, and from Grisons clay. In order to meet all the requirements of the cube and to design comparatively thin walls, the material was minimally stabilized with trass lime. The cube generates the entrance area, the kitchen and, with its built-in fireplace, a lounge for the adjoining living area. In addition, a wooden gallery is accessed via the adobe cube by rammed earth stairs. The mass of the building material helps to store the thermal energy of the stove and its combustion chamber as long as possible.