Kiln Tower Brickworks Museum, Cham, 2018-2021
Rammed clay, execution
Location: Brickworks Museum, Ziegelhütte, 6332 Hagendorn / Cham
Built: 2021
Material: rammed earth wall, hybrid construction with wood, concrete and steel
Partners: Seforb, Boltshauser Architekten AG, Keller Unternehmungen, Nüssli AG, Jakob Rope Systems, Ineichen AG
Photos: Sandro Livio Straube

EXECUTION OF THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT(planning support and development)
After the execution planning was developed in cooperation with Boltshauser Architekten AG, Seforb (civil engineers) and students from various universities, the execution of the construction project could begin in autumn 2020. For this purpose, the 91 prefabricated clay elements were transported from the LEHMAG production hall in Brunnen to Cham and moved within a short time using a mobile crane.
In close cooperation with the companies Keller Unternehmungen and KIBAG AG (foundation), Nüssli AG (timber and metal construction), Terrabloc and Ineichen AG (kiln construction) and Jakob Rope Systems (prestressing technology), the other components were linked to the clay construction and represent an innovation in the field of construction systems. The kiln tower in the Brickworks Museum is a pre-stressed earthen construction, which generates an overheight exhibition space without a false ceiling due to the pre-stressing. The roof can be accessed as a viewing platform and offers an all-round view of the surrounding nature. In the future, clay bricks can be fired again in the kiln made of terrabloc and fireclay bricks.

Cham kiln tower Creation