Brickworks Museum, Cham, 2018-2020
rammed earth, engineering and planning support
Place: Brickworks Museum, brickworks, 6332 Hagendorn / Cham
Built: In planning
Material: rammed earth wall, hybrid construction with wood, concrete and steel
Partner: Seforb, Boltshauser Architects AG
Photos: Lehmag AG, Robert Gentner

After the announcement of the three winning projects, the first discussions were held with the responsible authorities in the Canton of Zug to enable their realisation. At the same time an attempt was made to implement the demands of the authorities and participants in the winning project in the Boltshauser office and with the help of the students.
Currently Lehmag AG is accompanying the implementation planning of the project, whose components were produced in a workshop under the direction of Lehmag AG within 4 weeks 2019. During this workshop, students of the ETH Zurich and other universities from Switzerland and abroad learned how to handle the building material rammed earth as well as its implementation in the prefabrication in a building production hall.