One-family house, Alpnach, 2017
rammed earth
Place: Alpnach, Switzerland
Built: 2017
Material: rammed earth wall, prefabricated in elements
Partners: Seiler & Linhard, Kurmann&Partner, Küng AG
Photos: Lukas Baumann, Samuel Büttler

The private owners wanted the excavated material to be used to build the staircase core of rammed earth in their new detached house.
The four-storey building is made of HolzPur prefabricated elements and has a pioneering character. The combination of rammed earth as a mass storage and climate regulator with the solid wood construction was a conscious decision.
During the construction of the cellar, the 52 rammed earth elements were prefabricated in a nearby hall.
After about one month of drying time, the elements were transported to the construction site and at the same time, together with the carpentry work, were moved floor by floor within one week.
Afterwards, the joints in the visible area were retouched with the base material to achieve a homogeneous appearance. Afterwards, a diffusion-open impregnation was applied to increase the abrasion resistance and ensure washability.