Education House, Cusco Peru, 2016
rammed earth
Location: Cusco, Peru
Built: 2015
Material: rammed earth wall, hybrid construction with concrete
Design and technical planning:
Imgang Architekten ZT Gmb
Technical advice: Martin Rauch, Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH
Site management / coordination: Lukas Baumann/Elias Binggeli
Partner: Walter Rudig, Daniel Kranebitter Austria
University of Innsbruck, Clemens Plank, Don Augustin and team
Photos: Lukas Baumann, Elias Binggeli

For the association Wayna Warma Austria two polygonal rammed earth buildings were erected in traditional construction, one of them two-storey. The rammed earth was processed on site from the excavated material and placed in the lightweight climbing formwork specially developed for the project. In the course of the construction work, 10 local employees were trained, who enthusiastically constructed the subsequent buildings themselves.
The polygonal shape of the building placed high demands on formwork technology and stage planning. Large window openings of up to 7 metres and a generous open interior characterise the building. The roof load is completely transferred to the rammed earth via the ring anchors.
The building has already survived two moderate earthquakes without damage.