Studio Boltshauser Brickworks Museum Cham, TU Munich, 2017
rammed earth
Place: Brickworks Museum, Cham
Planned: August-November 2017
Material: rammed earth wall, hybrid construction with concrete, steel, metal and wood
Partner: Boltshauser Architekten AG, TU Munich
Photos: Miklos Doma, Philipp Lanthaler, Sophia Brellenthin, Moritz Penker, Robert Gentner, Regina Pötzinger

Exhibitions and events in the Brickworks Museum Cham are dedicated to the raw material for bricks, clay or loam in unfired form, for example the building material rammed earth. It was in this context that the cooperation between the Brickworks Museum Cham and Roger Boltshauser developed, as well as the desire to realise a tower on the museum site.
Therefore, in the context of Roger Boltshauser's guest lectureship at the TU Munich, the task was given as follows. In order to make the protected landscape and the brickworks area more accessible, the Foundation Brickworks Museum Cham would like to have a lookout tower made of clay in the vicinity of the protected brickworks. In addition to the advantage of being able to get a better orientation on the site, the raw material, the building material clay, should be used in its unfired form, thus creating a direct link to the brickyard. A potential was also seen in the use of hybrid constructions, especially in the combination of fired bricks and rammed earth walls. During the employment at Boltshauser Architekten AG, it was possible to accompany the planning processes of the students and to give inputs about the material and its possibilities.