Studio Boltshauser Museum Island Hombroich, ETHZ Zurich, 2018,
Trass lime, rammed earth
Location: Rocket Station Hombroich
Designed: ETH Zurich Fall Semester 2018
Material: rammed earth wall, hybrid construction with concrete, steel, metal and wood
Partner: Studio Boltshauser ETH Zurich
Photos: Philip Heckhausen (colour photos)

Hombroich is a museum and a place of artists, landscape and a place for architecture as well as events of art, literature, philosophy and music at the same time. With the semester assignment, Studio Boltshauser added a further building block to the growing ensemble: an art storage building with an exhibition space in rammed earth was developed and elaborated. A possible realization in self-construction as well as the exploration of possibilities of prefabrication and innovative hybrid structures were an essential part of the designs, which were supported and accompanied.