Mock-up Sitterwerk, St. Gallen, 2017
rammed earth
Place: Sitterwerk, St. Gallen
Built: August-November 2017
Material: rammed earth wall, hybrid construction with concrete, steel, metal and wood
Partners: Switzer Studio, Boltshauser Architects AG, Earth Clay Earth Architecture GmbH, Earthman Hanno Burtscher
Photos: Philip Heckhausen, Felix Hilgert

The mock-up in the Sitterwerk was commissioned by Roger Boltshauser (architect, Zurich) in the form of a summer school with the help of students and experts. It was originally developed out of Roger Boltshauser's guest lectureship at the EPF in Lausanne, where students were to deal with earthen building and its future application possibilities. The setting of the material is continuously measured on this test wall made of rammed earth, which is connected to the foundation under pre-stress by means of steel. In addition, the trass lime layers were carried out in different ways to investigate how the erosion of rammed earth behaves in the long term.