MFH Kilchberg, Zurich, 2021-2022
Clay blocks, Terrabloc, planning & engineering and execution
Place: Kilchberg, Canton of Zurich Switzerland
Built: 2021-2022
Material: Clay bricks masonry on sight (lean stabilized)
Partners: Terrabloc, Kibag AG, Bernser Bau, Boltshauser Architekten AG
Sandro Livio Straube, Kuster Frey, Lehmag AG

The new construction of an MFH in Kilchberg, Zurich was designed and executed by Boltshauser Architects. An efficient concrete structure generates a multi-storey apartment building, which was lined with recycled bricks (facade) on the one hand and clay blocks (interior) from the excavated building site on the other.

In close cooperation with the Terrabloc company and partly with the help of participatory workshops, approx. 800 m² of clay block masonry was pressed from the excavated material at the LEHMAG AG construction site. In this process, up to 5% cement is added to the prepared, moist excavated material and it is pressed into shape under high pressure. After slow drying, the bricks were continuously delivered to the construction site and laid on sight by Bernser Bau. The low cement content helps to keep the exposed masonry walls in the rented apartments serviceable for a long time without significantly affecting the advantages of earthen building for indoor climate, etc.

Only 10% of the site excavation was sufficient to produce the 800 m² of interior walls.