EGK Headquarters, Laufen, 2020-2021
Location: EGK headquarters, Laufen, Basel-Land
Built: 2020-2021
Material: various clay plasters, clay panels
Partners: Lehmbau Georg Paul, Lotti Partner AG, Flubacher Nyfeler Partner

With its partner companies Lehmbau Georg Paul and Lotti Partner AG, LEHMAG AG carried out the interior construction of the new headquarters of EGK Versicherung in Laufen from the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021. It was important to the client to realise a building that was as sustainable as possible with a pleasant indoor climate for the approximately 120 employees. The new 5-storey building is mainly constructed of wood and houses two concrete cores in which staircases, lifts, toilets and technical facilities are located. In total, more than 150 tons of clay were used on more than 3000 m² of walls and ceilings in the entire building, which was exclusively produced by our local partner company Lehmwerk, 20 km away from the construction site. The concrete cores were given 2cm of clay base plaster to ensure an optimal indoor climate and were also given a clay textured plaster finish on the surface to imitate tree bark. The office partition walls are double-skinned with a smoothed white clay fine plaster and 25mm clay drywall board, the space between which has been insulated against sound. Thus, the wall achieves a fire resistance of F90. The oval staircase is also completely plastered with fine clay from the underground garage to the roof terrace.