In Switzerland and Central Europe, there are centuries-old buildings, some of them listed, made of clay as a building material. A professional renovation with the original material corresponds to the protection of monuments and the preservation of this cultural asset.

HISTORY: Clay is, along with wood and stone, one of the oldest building materials of mankind. Even today, over a third of the world's population live in buildings that were built partly or entirely of clay, using a variety of techniques. In Switzerland and Central Europe, too, there are buildings made of clay that are hundreds of years old, although here the building material was mostly used by poorer societies and was almost completely displaced with the advent of cement and lime.

Photos: Philip Heckhausen

Execution: Renovations

Execution: The execution of renovations depends significantly on the original building and can affect various products and core competencies of LEHMAG AG. A planning consultation as well as an early contact before the start of the project enables optimal, object-related solutions.

- Planning consultation and thus early involvement advantageous
- Renovation in the sense of the preservation of historical monuments and the building
- Natural ecological alternative - Low grey energy requirement
- Clay is open to diffusion and thus generates absorption and release of moisture - especially advantageous in combination with old wood
- Clay generates a pleasant indoor climate (absorbs odours and toxins)

Renovation projects